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Getting Started

Simply follow the instructions below to create a new WPF project using Elysium Extra:

1. Create a new 'WPF Application' Project in Visual Studio
2. Click Tools Menu Item in Visual Studio
3. Click NuGet Package Manager
4. Click Package Manager Console
5. Select Your Project in the Package Manager Console
6. Execute the following command to install Elysium Extra and Elysium:
  • PM> Install-Package Elysium.Extra
7. Modify the App.xaml file in your WPF project like so:

<extra:ElysiumApplication ...

8. Modify the App.xaml.cs file in your WPF project so that it looks like this:

public partial class App
    public App()

9. Modify the MainWindow.xaml file in your WPF project to use the Elysium Extra Window like so:

<extra:Window ...

10. Modify the MainWindow.xaml.cs file in your WPF project like so:

public partial class MainWindow
    public MainWindow()

11. Run the application
12. Profit!!!

Sample Application

The sample application ships with the NuGet package. Once you have installed the Elysium.Extra NuGet package, navigate to the following folder to run it:


Alternatively, you can download the latest source code and compile and execute the sample application. Using this method you can also see the XAML used to create the sample application.

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